7 unique things someone will do when they’re highly attracted to you

Let’s face it, butterflies and stolen glances are pretty standard when it comes to attraction. But what if you’re looking for something a little less cliche?  We all flirt differently, and sometimes the most telling signs come in unexpected ways.  This post dives into 7 unique behaviors that might just reveal someone is more than just casually interested.  From remembering the seemingly insignificant details to a touch of playful teasing, get ready to uncover the not-so-obvious signals that could mean you’ve captured their heart.  So, buckle up and keep your eyes peeled, because true attraction often shines through in the most surprising ways!

7 Unique Things Someone Will Do When They’re Highly Attracted to You

Attraction is a complex and fascinating aspect of human interaction. When someone is genuinely attracted to you, their behavior often changes in ways that are both subtle and profound. These actions can range from the way they look at you to the way they interact with your friends. Here are seven unique things someone will do when they’re highly attracted to you.

1. They Mirror Your Movements

Mirroring is a subconscious behavior where one person mimics the body language, speech patterns, or attitudes of another. When someone is attracted to you, they might unconsciously start to mirror your movements. For instance, if you lean forward while talking, they might do the same. This behavior is an attempt to build rapport and create a sense of connection. Mirroring indicates that they are not only paying close attention to you but also that they want to establish a deeper bond.

2. Their Pupils Dilate

Eyes are incredibly expressive and can reveal a lot about what a person is feeling. One physiological response to attraction is pupil dilation. When someone is attracted to you, their pupils tend to dilate. This reaction is controlled by the autonomic nervous system and is an involuntary response to seeing something or someone they find appealing. So, if you notice their eyes seem to get darker and more open when they look at you, it’s a good sign they are interested.

3. They Find Excuses to Touch You

Physical touch is a powerful indicator of attraction. When someone likes you, they will find subtle ways to make physical contact. This can be as simple as a light touch on the arm, a friendly hug, or even brushing an imaginary piece of lint off your clothing. These touches are often brief and seemingly accidental, but they are significant. Touch releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes bonding and increases feelings of affection. Therefore, if someone is always looking for reasons to touch you, it’s likely because they feel a strong attraction towards you.


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4. They Remember the Small Details

When someone is highly attracted to you, they pay attention to the little things that others might overlook. They remember your favorite coffee order, the name of your pet, or that story you told about your childhood. This attention to detail shows that they care about you and are genuinely interested in your life. It also means they want to make a good impression and show you that they value what you say. Remembering and mentioning these small details in conversations is a clear sign of their attraction.

5. They Make an Effort to Impress You

Attraction often brings out the best in people. When someone is drawn to you, they will go out of their way to impress you. This might involve dressing up a bit more when they know they will see you, talking about their achievements, or showcasing their talents. They might also go the extra mile to help you with something or surprise you with thoughtful gestures. These efforts are their way of showing that they are worthy of your attention and admiration. It’s a mix of wanting to stand out and a desire to make you happy.

6. They Engage in Deep Conversations

Surface-level small talk is not enough when someone is truly attracted to you. They will seek out deeper, more meaningful conversations. They want to know about your dreams, your fears, and what makes you tick. These conversations allow them to connect with you on an emotional level, which is crucial for building a strong attraction. By engaging in these deep conversations, they show that they are interested in more than just a superficial relationship. They want to understand and connect with you on a deeper level.

7. They Show Genuine Concern for Your Well-Being

A person who is highly attracted to you will care deeply about your well-being. They will check in on you when you’re sick, support you when you’re going through tough times, and celebrate your successes with genuine joy. Their concern goes beyond mere politeness; it’s a heartfelt desire to see you happy and thriving. They might offer to help you with something difficult or simply listen when you need to talk. This concern and care are clear indicators of their attraction and affection for you.


Attraction is often expressed through a series of small, unique behaviors that can be easy to miss if you’re not paying attention. From mirroring your movements to showing genuine concern for your well-being, these actions are driven by a desire to connect and be close to you. Recognizing these signs can help you understand someone’s feelings and potentially deepen the connection you share with them.

Remember, the most important thing is to be attentive and reciprocate if you feel the same way. Relationships are built on mutual understanding and effort, and recognizing these unique signs of attraction can be the first step in building something special. So next time you suspect someone might be interested in you, pay close attention to these subtle cues. They might just be telling you all you need to know.

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